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Read how instructors can easily create, share, and enrich reading lists, and how librarians can strengthen their involvement in teaching & learning.

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Tightly integrated with Ex Libris Alma® and Primo®, Leganto enables institutions to leverage their investment and create end-to-end workflows.

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Leganto at

University of Oklahoma

Mary Ellen Spencer, Head of Undergraduate Services and Learning Initiatives at the University of Oklahoma, discusses the reasons for selecting the Ex Libris Leganto resource list solution, its expected impact on teaching & learning, and the potential benefits to instructors, librarians, and students.

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Collaborate with faculty: Using Leganto to integrate the academic library with teaching & learning

June 2016

Presented by:

Carl Grant, Associate Dean, Knowledge Services and CTO, University of Oklahoma Libraries
Tamar Sadeh, Director of URD Strategy, Discovery and Delivery, Ex Libris Group

Librarians are consistently looking for new opportunities to embed themselves and the library’s services into the curriculum and teaching and learning missions of the university. Course resource lists are increasingly becoming an exciting way for libraries to do so, allowing them to make their knowledge, practices and skills available in the learning and instruction environment and to add value to the connections librarians have with instructors and students.

Watch this session to learn about the University of Oklahoma’s experience with Leganto, and see a live demo of the solution.


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